As a long time vegan and excessive stalker of all vegan-themed blogs, I figured it was time that I start my own.

For years I have debated beginning my own vegan blogging quest- yet always decided not to, feeling a little too intimidated, a little too inadequate. I don’t have a good camera- and even if I did, I wouldn’t know how to skillfully photograph anything. I don’t know anything about web design. While I am a great home-cook and adept baker, I do not compare to the many culinary geniuses that are out there on the web, developing new recipes and perfecting the art of “food porn.” While I know lots about nutrition, I hold no qualifications and therefore deem myself unable to offer any significant dietary advice. And I don’t have a cool job or a weeding or cute kids to talk about either. So what could I possibly offer to the vegan-blogging community?

Nothing- or so I thought. Until right now.

This morning I came to the sudden realization that everything that I am permitting to hold me back from starting a blog are the things that have held me back my whole life- fears, insecurities and self-doubt. I am comparing myself to people I am not- registered dietitians that specialize in vegan nutrition, holistic nutritionists, doctors, professional chefs and bakers, cookbook writers, food photographers, culinary geniuses, fitness gurus, motivational speakers- the list goes on… And so it’s no wonder I have continued to shush my voice and devalue my own experiences to the point that I refuse to share them! It’s easy to feel inadequate when comparing yourself to other people – and that’s why it’s generally not something I would suggest any one do- including myself. So here I am, saying “shut up” to those voices and allowing myself to just being myself, blogging my little fingers away about whatever it is that is burning beneath my skin, boiling through my veins, waiting to erupt through my fingertips and onto the screen. I have my own voice, my own interests and my own experience to share. And hopefully that’s enough.


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